IKEA's New Placemats Are Giving Our Phones A Spot At The Table

The Swedish design wizards of IKEA know what we're all about: affordable furniture, cafeteria meatballs, and having access to our phones 24/7, no matter how socially acceptable that may or may not be. They've already hooked us up with tables and chairs that have magical charging abilities. Now, with their new SITTNING collection, they're setting aside a new place in the traditional table setting—for our smartphones. 

They're calling the mats "Logged out," but let's be real: they enable us do the opposite. Now you can finally enjoy a holiday meal without grandma complaining about how kids these days are always on their newfangled phones—you're just being polite and using one of your utensils, after all. Look for these mats, tentatively-priced at $2 a pop, in September at IKEAs everywhere. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's betting his grandma will not be okay with these. 

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