The SNL Coffee Table Book: 40 Years of Comedic History

If you've found yourself in a room with a television between the years of 1975 and, like, now, you know all too well the phrase, "Live from New York it's Saturday Night!"

And to commemorate four decades of unbroken comedy (except for the sixth season and the time they let freaking Paris Hilton host) TASCHEN is putting out Saturday Night Live. The Book, complete with over 2,000 images from the SNL archives and an exclusive interview with Lorne Michaels. 

Alongside previously unpublished candids, readers will get an illustrated breakdown of the exhausting six-day work week as well as a complete reference guide of every cast member, host, and musical guest. Remember that episode where Ed Koch hosted and Dexy’s Midnight Runners performed? Yeah, that actually happened in 1983. 

Described as "part encyclopedia and part behind-the-scenes tour," Saturday Night Live: The Book gives us exclusive access to the unrevealed memories and secrets of the most iconic sketch comedy show on television. 

The creation of this book was a long, arduous process for editor and author, Alison Castle. She was granted full access to the SNL archives and was even allowed to sit in on the 39th season to get an insider's view of how this show has stayed afloat for 40 years. 

Give your coffee table a little bit of love and a lot of Eddie Murphy.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and Mark Harmon hosted SNL the week he was born. Name a TV show Mark Harmon was in without using Google. Thought so.