Step Inside Jackie Treehorn's House from The Big Lebowski

As thuggish as Jackie Treehorn comes across in The Big Lebowski, it's hard not to be drawn to him. For one, he's brilliant with film titles (looking at you, Logjammin'), but mostly, it's his kickass house. And while he may not be a real person, the pad he called home most definitely is. We dug up some interesting info and took a look around — it's a wild place.

Built in 1963, the house was designed by architect and Frank Lloyd Wright-disciple John Lautner, and is known officially as the Sheats Goldstein Residence for the family who commissioned it and lived there through the late 1960s. Much like Wright's most famous work, it was intended to blend in as a seeming extension of the natural environment around it.

In fact, many of its rooms are connected only via outdoor covered walkways.

Lautner had a hand in designing everything from the windows and fixtures to the rugs and furniture. In fact, the current owner hired him to enhance it further when he purchased it in 1972. They collaborated up until Lautner passed away in '94 on all manner of fresh touches, including installing motorized sliding glass windows between the terrace and living room. Originally, it had been fully exposed to the outside, protected only by a "curtain" of compressed air.

One particularly painstaking detail is the 750 tiny skylights in the living room's vaulted ceiling, made with actual drinking glasses.

Oh, and not to upset you, but Treehorn didn't actually live on the beach in Malibu. The house is situated in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Beverly Crest. To maintain the illusion they used a blackout curtain during filming to block the stunning skyline view.

The master suite enjoys a similar panorama. Though when you get sick of it there's a motorized flatscreen that pops up on command at the opposite end of the bed.

There's plenty of space in the eat-in dining room to mix drugged White Russians for your friends. And enemies.

Then kick back, relax, and spitball some more genius porn titles in the hot tub.

By the way, since Lebowski shot there in '96, it's become a legendary film and photoshoot location, having since served as the backdrop for everything from Snoop Dogg music videos to high fashion photoshoots with Daft Punk.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and still in search of a rug that really ties the room together.