This Charcoal/Gas Hybrid Grill Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Published On 04/10/2015 Published On 04/10/2015
Kalamazoo Hybrid Grills

The ease and practicality of gas. The full, smoke-tastic taste of charcoal. Why can't we just have both in our summa' grillin' repertoire? Why must we choose?!

Don't freak out, but we don't have to anymore (!) thanks to the Kalamazoo Hybrid Grill, a sublime concoction of both gas and charcoal cooking methods, and built-in smoker, all designed into a single, sleek, chrome package that you'll be proud to place on your patio. 

Roast, grill, smoke, and slather all your meats and/or veggies with the four 25,000 BTU burners, or, if you are feeling particularly saucy, you can use the charcoal/wood drawer, placed above the burners (so you can get it all heated up, quickly).

All this convenience doesn't come cheap: the lowest free-standing option is priced above $12,000. A small price to pay, for the world's most versatile, burger-makin' machine. 



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