Kenny Rogers' Incredibly Gaudy Georgia Mansion is for Sale

Have you ever wondered what Kenny Rogers' house looks like? Perhaps it's filled with photos of his pre-plasticized face? Or situated on an island, in a stream? Maybe he even has his own Kenny Rogers Roasters on the property? THESE ARE LIFE'S IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, people. 

Turns out, none of those things are true. Gah. But, here's what is: it's an ostentatious and garish mansion outside Atlanta, and it's on the market—all yours for a cool $4.8 million. Take a look inside...

As you roll through the gate and onto the 1.25-acre lot, situated in the Sandy Springs suburb, you come upon the gargantuan Mediterranean house, complete with a 13-foot arched wooden and leaded glass door.

The foyer is quite understated, don't you think? Just kidding, it's ridiculous.

The decor in the main living room screams, "a Pier 1 exploded," but hey, beats your IKEA. One thing we can't stop looking at: the 30-foot ceilings. You could definitely fit one of these TVs in here.

And you'll need to make several trips to that IKEA to keep the 12,000 square foot pad—and its 22 rooms—from looking sparse.

This room with its weird kidney-shaped couches features one of the home's ten fireplaces.

Here's another, keeping Kenny's platinum records and absurdly-high number of awards nice and toasty.

Roman bath, anyone? No problem, just hit the spa. Squint hard enough and you might even convince yourself you're soaking on the Italian coast and not in Kenny Rogers' basement.

Not sure what's going on with the decorative vine business up top, but who cares, this kitchen is hilarious and, dare we say it, pretty functional.

Fancy a game of ping pong? There's a room for that.

Who puts a chandelier in their closet? Kenny EFFING Rogers puts a chandelier in his closet. The master suite—where this is located—is just one of six bedrooms in the home.

The home theater looks nice, yeah?

Outside, things get wild. For instance, the grounds include this swimming pool, which the listing aptly describes as "movie set" style. Look closely. That's a swim-up bar.

And amongst the fountains and meticulously manicured landscape there's also a multi-purpose sports court.

Though if you'd rather just feel like you're outside without actually leaving the house, there's a towering solarium, currently featuring a leopard print rug we're instantly jealous of not owning.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and asserts the best bars are of the swim-up variety.