Now You Can Actually Bring The Office Home With You

With the rising costs of commercial real estate and the hassle of renting shared workspace, keeping a proper cubicle on wheels is just a smart idea these days. It's a lot more convenient than you think, too, thanks to this wacky rolling mobile office.

Fashioned by the Dutch interior design firm Tim Vinke, the jigsaw-like setup, which goes by the awesomely beastly name "Kruikantoor," is, appropriately, a combination of the Dutch words for "wheelbarrow" and "office."

The whole rig is fashioned from EPS foam covered in a "hotspray coating," so it won't buckle under your hot, hot business leads. It assembles to create a complete office environment, with two chairs, a table (desk), storage units, and even electrical outlets. Running late to a big meeting? Not a problem, it packs up in a jiffy and rolls away dolly-style when you're ready.

Challenge #1: find out how long it takes the Starbucks baristas to ask you to get the hell out.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, whose offices are unfortunately wheel-less.