Stay In This Insane Berlin Penthouse For Less Than $500

If you're considering a trip to Berlin anytime soon, don't even bother looking up accommodations because we've found the ultimate place to crash on Airbnb: a breathtakingly decorated 2,700 square foot modern penthouse, complete with a patio, balcony, and rooftop terrace that overlooks the entire city.

Care to step inside?

Steps from the SchönleinstraĂźe U-Bahn train station in the hip district of Kreuzberg in East Berlin, the loft-style apartment wraps you in its airiness the moment you walk through the front door. 

The two-bedroom spread is suited specifically for parties of four or less. As Airbnb's Head of the Art Department Andrew Schapiro describes it, "The modern, minimalist aesthetic and open-plan layout...make it the ideal place for those who seek respite in the heart of Berlin's bustling art scene." 

In other words, it's unobtrusively simple and sexy as hell. And even better? You can rent the whole thing for just $440 a night.

There are worse views than 360 degrees of Berlin.

Dreamed up by architect Sean McEvoy, the space's intentionally sparse furnishing helps elevate the feeling that you're floating above the city.

If you're thinking this place would be the perfect location for a photoshoot, you're not alone. Its owner is open to renting it out just for that purpose.

When it's too cold to lounge up on the roof or hang out on the terrace, come on down and retire in front of this awesome fireplace. 

We'll wait here while you look up flights to Germany.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor.