LeBron James' $17 Million Miami Mansion Is For Sale

LeBron James is taking his talents away from South Beach. His house will not be coming with him, because it'll no longer be his. He's selling it.

For $17 million dollars. 

The again-Cleveland Cavalier listed the stunning Coconut Grove oceanfront mansion late last week. The $17M asking price is double what he paid for it in 2010. The man is valuable in oh so many ways. It may be well out of our/your budget, but it can't hurt peeking at what all those zeroes get you.

The six-bedroom, eight-bathroom spread is tucked at the end of a long driveway, running directly up to the water. The bay views are incredible. 

The style is heavily Mediterranean, and features lofty ceilings in nearly every room, which was no doubt an important detail for the 6' 8" forward.

Inside, there's a whopping 4,500-square feet of "entertainment space," which is on par with the entire size of many larger suburban homes. And should any of your entertaining continue well into the wee hours, you have plenty of space to let pals crash, including a separate guest house.

Because waterfront property is at such a premium, the house is long and narrow (in case you couldn't tell by this hallway which basically extends all the way to the horizon).

This huge chef's kitchen is built for a king. And considering there's also a sprawling wine cellar, you will be dining like one, as well.

Considering the former residents, you can be sure there's an overabundance of security in place, including both a state-of-the-art system, and security quarters.

The master suite may not have Shaq's Cribs-famous Superman bed, but this'll do. And that spacious roof deck surely doesn't suck.

That view. 

The epic amount of storage in this walk-in closet is begging you to buy more sneakers.

And you may never want to leave the bathroom. 

Unless it's to marathon-watch movies in your gorgeous private theater.

Outside is where things really shine, though.

Especially at night.

Nothing like an infinity pool that glows all sorts of neon. If you didn't know any better, this could very well be the set for a Miami Sound Machine music video. 

No diving. 

There's also docking space for two (TWO!) 60-foot yachts. 

But until you can pony up a down payment (not to mention nearly $190,000 in annual property taxes), why not settle for this baller view from the comfort of your computer?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His waterfront estate only has docking for ONE megayacht, which is super embarrassing.