The Futuristic, Tron-Inspired Tree Swing

Combining your love for Tron with all the childhood whimsy of swinging on trees, Spanish designer Germán González Garrido is making your neon-laced dreams a reality with his LED Light Swing.

Using electroluminescent tape along the sides and LED lights beneath the seat, the tree swing allows you to create your very own lightshow/rave in your backyard. Just don't take any pills from strangers, okay?

With a remote control, you can change the color and frequency of the lights, sending neon streaks through the air, or put it on a flash setting for a seizure-inducing evening of outdoor fun.

Garrido recommends installing it on a tall, broad Pine for a larger range of motion, and we recommend trying to swing high enough to go over the top. Who knows? You might wind up in the future.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She dominated the monkey bars. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.