The Jurassic World LEGO Set Offers Rare Glimpse Into New Film

If you were alive in the 90’s (and have emotions) the stirring of John William’s sublime Jurassic Park score will conjure up images of blissful dino-nostalgia and terrified Jeff Goldblums dancing through your head. Thankfully, Spielberg and co. are bringing it all back this summer in Jurassic World, and LEGO is coming along for the ride with their new sets, inspired by the upcoming film.

LEGO always...uh...finds...a way.

LEGO unveiled the paleolithic new sets at Toy Fair 2015 in NYC, offering up six designs based on various film scenes from this summer's Jurassic World, including "Pteranodon Capture", "Indominus Rex Breakout", and "Raptor Rampage", complete with a lil' Chris Pratt to make tough-guy wise cracks in moments of peril.

Judging from the sets, J. World looks to be full of the usual angry, carnivorous action, as well as some new surprises—what the f*ck is an "Indominus Rex?"

One thing I do know: the world has needed a LEGO Jeff Goldblum for quite some time. Make it happen guys, the fact that he won't actually be in this new film is not at all relevant.