Let Wu-Tang Greet Your Visitors

The entrance to your home says a lot about what's going down on the other side. It's for that very reason that you must scrap whatever welcome mat is currently laying in front of yours for the bigger, badder, and bosser Wu-Tang version. Why? 'Cause Wu-Tang ain't nothin' to fu*k wit

(Ed note: For some reason, that main link isn't working. We've reached out to the makers of the mat see what the deal is; we'll report back soon, hopefully with a corrected link.)

(UPDATE: You can't buy this doormat anymore. Under Copyright, the seller was forced to cease sales, though it remains a piece of the artist's work. Yeah, we're upset about it too.)

From the folks at MATICGOODS, each mat is hand-cut and painted into its 23 x 33-inch final form. And who knows? It may even bring you closer to your Wu-fanatical FedEx dude. Win-win, all around.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Like most people, he misses ODB.