Look Inside AmEx's Centurion Lounge At LaGuardia Airport

Airports are best viewed in the rear view mirror. And anyone who's flown through LaGuardia Airport in New York City knows it's even better from a book or on television, hundreds and hundreds of miles away. 

That's changing. American Express's Centurion Lounge, which opened last month, is an oasis from the madness that is LGA. Have 45 minutes to kill before your flight to Las Vegas? Pop into the lounge and enjoy seasonal food prepared by Cédric Vongerichten, the executive chef at Perry St in Manhattan. There are many, many other amenities, too. Take a look inside and start happily making plans to go to LaGuardia—a statement that's never been uttered before. 

​The lounge is complimentary for Platinum and Centurion members, and their immediate family or two travel companions. Show off to your friends, in other words.

All other AmEx card members can purchase a day-pass to the lounge for $50.

Try not to fall asleep. 

AmEx staffers are on site to provide card-related services like restaurant reservations, airline updates, and hotels for wherever you may be going, or staying, depending on the weather. 

New York-inspired cocktail selections have been curated by Jim Meehan and wine director Anthony Giglio. (We tried a few on our tour. Um, yes, we'll take a refill.)

See. It's pretty AND functional. 

Yum! Locally-inspired cuisine from Vongerichten, who was named to Zagat's up-and-coming list of 30 chefs under age 30.

Double yum. These snacks will surely ease the tension of a pending layover in Atlanta. 

Don't know about you, but we're here for the posters of dogs. 

There're typically people standing behind this desk. We can attest to their friendliness. 

We weren't kidding about the number of spaces to sit. 

We love the green chairs. They are, no surprise, outrageously comfy. 

*Logs on to AmEx website...*

*Types in personal information...*

*Orders AmEx card.*

Ryan Hatch is the deputy editor at Supercompressor. He's been partying at LGA for 10 years.