Chocolate Coal: Naughty Is The New Nice

What was once the universal symbol of bad behavior, the lump of coal is getting a delicious update from the confection masters at ChocolatesU. At first glance this may look like fuel for the holiday fire, but these pieces of coal are actually solid chocolates that'll transform a boring cup of milk into a delicious cup of hot cocoa. 

You were naughty this year, right?

Each package comes with three lumps of coal, which will make an eight-ounce cup of hot chocolate. Simply melt one in a mug of hot milk, and bask in all of the year's debauchery. 

At $8 a pack, it's the perfect gift for all of the sweet-toothed deviants on your Christmas list. 

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Suprecompressor. Depending on who you ask, she's been pretty nice this year. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram