Track Your Beer Drinking Around The Country With The Beer Cap Map

Published On 03/03/2015 Published On 03/03/2015
beer cap maps
Beer Cap Maps

If you're one of those devoted drinkers who goes out of your way to hang on to bottle caps from every different brew you try, first of all, bravo on the commitment. Secondly, why not start showcasing them in a manner befitting of your dedication? Meet Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps

Fashioned from sheets of quarter-inch plywood neatly bored with holes sized to snugly hold caps, the mountable maps are laser-cut in the shape of the entire contiguous US as well as several individual states (and even a few international options if you swing that way). 

Why are you still reading this? You have some serious and adventurous drinking to do.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and has more than like sipped his way through New York State.



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