Matthew Perry's Ridiculous $12.5M Malibu Bachelor Pad Is For Sale

Matthew Perry's current television career may not be the envy that it was 15 years ago, but his real estate investments most certainly are, judging by this four-bed, five-bath Malibu beachside spread he recently listed for $12.5 million. Meet 3556 Sweetwater Mesa Road, the house that TBS's weekly Friends marathons built.

Known in the biz as The Pier House (it overlooks one from its cliffside perch), the place has secured some outrageous views from practically every corner inside. It's the poster-home for wild and crazy Hollywood pool parties. And considering Mr. Perry's colorful past, it likely was very much literally that.

There's hardly a distinction between inside and out, thanks to an airy living area with sliding glass walls that open up onto a series of decks and essentially double the size of the room.

It's hard to feel bad for the guy's series of failed...well, series, when this is what he had to wake up to every morning.

There are even jaw-dropping views from the shower. Like come on. 

In keeping with the party vibes, it has a game room and home theater.

Not to mention an idyllic sunroom area, a fire pit, and state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor sound system.

And with a designer kitchen like this, you may even be compelled to cook on occasion.

In case you'd prefer a closer look, this is what it looks like from the road. Just don't get too close, or, worse, knock to say hello. We hear the police don't take too kindly to such behavior.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and once waited in line for valet with Matthew Perry. He seemed cool.