The Rudest Snow Globe In The World

You probably don't, and shouldn't, own a snow globe. They're the sort of thing you associate with tchotchke-hoarding grandmothers, and that one time you went to Times Square as a kid and cried until your dad bought you the one stuffed with the New York City skyline. However, we now offer you one very good reason you should consider giving in: Maurizio Cattelan's L.O.V.E. sculpture, immortalized in a glass-enclosed storm of glitter and water.

Available exclusively from the MoMA store, the novelty globe is the perfect desk-cessory, featuring a miniature resin version of the famed Italian sculptor's iconic middle finger, which was displayed very close to the Milan Stock Exchange in 2010.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He once accidentally shattered a snow globe in a gift shop and got yelled at by the very angry, very old proprietor.