The Most Insane Infiniti Pool You've Ever Seen

It's hard to think of ways to make living in the Aegean Sea any more desirable, but the geniuses at Kois Architecture went ahead and did just that with the construction of the stunning cliffside Mirage House, featuring a roof that's actually a giant infiniti pool.

We'll get to the house in a second, but first things first: THE POOL. That underwater rectangular outline is the swimmable portion; the rest is wading depth. Either way, there's one hell of a majestic sunset.

The spread is carved squarely into the jagged cliffs of the Tinos Island—a.k.a. The Island Of Madonna—like an enormous park bench, if you will. Much of its 2,000 square feet are covered by the concrete pool/roof combo. Anyone else getting heavy Jackie Treehorn-esque vibes here? Good, us too. 

Things aren't too shabby down below, either.

New rule: infinity pools on every roof. Take note, architects.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He now has 1,001 reasons to visit Greece.