5 Camouflaged Houses You'll Want To Hide Out In

It's one thing to join the off-the-grid movement and escape from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, but it's another thing altogether to move into a home that practically disappears into its surroundings.

These five mirror-clad homes are part of a growing trend of awesomely camouflaged cribs well worth being shown off, even if they're trying really hard not to.

Izabelin House 2

Izabelin, Poland
In the heart of the Polish forest, this two-story country home is sheathed in reflective paneling and dark wood. This gives the effect that the second floor appears to float among flora, which (presumably) seriously confuses every woodland creature that passes by. Once the lights come on and the sun goes down, though, the jig is up. [Read more...]

Mirror House

Almere, Netherlands
This modest single-story retreat was designed with a mirrored exterior for two reasons: 1) to not interrupt the natural surroundings, and 2) to prevent any passersby from peeking in. The floor-to-ceiling glass turns out to have a bonus purpose, which is to create the illusion that the interior's much bigger, since every exterior wall is transparent (from the inside). [Read more...]

Tree Hotel Mirrorcube

Harads, Sweden
Like a portal to an alternate dimension, the 13x13x13-foot Mirrorcube is lofted up in the trees, accessible by a series of sloped rope bridges. Inside, its starkly minimalist interior is far from otherworldly, but comfortable nonetheless. It's outfitted with a lofted bed and six panoramic windows that look out over the Scandinavian landscape. [Read more...]

Mirror Houses

Bolzano, Italy
Nestled inside an Italian apple orchard, these twin vacation condos are sheathed in mirrored panels that covertly blend in the two story structure with the outrageously scenic vistas seen from the pool. Birds: beware. [Read more...]

Mirror Mongayt

Moscow, Russia
Roughly 3,000 square feet, this unique spread on the outskirts of the country's biggest city is bedecked in giant mirror "pixels", which reflect the sky and forest so the walls "dissolve" into the background. Seems to be a very wise move as it's probably best to keep a low profile in Russia these days. [Read more...]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and thought that Justin Timberlake song Mirrors was pretty OK.