This Renovated Victorian House Is A Modernist Masterpiece

It's easy to lose the integrity of an old house in favor of a modern overhaul when you're renovating, but the team of designers at B.E. Architecture prove it's possible to perfectly balance the new with the old with their stunning transformation of this traditional Victorian home in Australia.

The tall and narrow front facade remains unchanged, but the moment you step through the doors you're whisked into a space that blends old-school remnants (the hard wood, the stairwell, the arched doorways, etc.) with an air of clean modernism. As you walk, things only grow more modern and austere, culminating with the addition in back, which is entirely decked out in glass panels that look out onto the pool, patio, and studio retreat in back.

The crown jewel, though, is the brand new open kitchen, which is decked out with black limestone floors, a solid wooden island, and sleek appliances and cabinets that glow in the natural light that floods in from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the home's central terrace. 

H/T:Design Milk

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