5 Incredible Modern Cabins To Channel Your Inner Thoreau

As if you needed any more reasons to ditch your gritty, garbage-stenched city in the summer months, these tiny, modern rural retreats will certainly light a fire under you to get the hell outta Dodge ASAP. From the hills of Austria to the coast of Massachusetts, there's a weekend home in here for everyone.

Nanahum Cottage

Cashmere, Washington
Perched on the sloping edges of the Nanahum Canyon, this two-story, 1,500-square-foot home is flush with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the spectacular green spread down below. And for the most scenic BBQs imaginable, there's also a spacious patio out front. [See more]

Dune House

Terschelling, Netherlands
Popping out of the landscape like a giant boulder, this incredible eco-friendly home was actually inspired by the dunes it's sitting within. Inside, the rooms reveal themselves in a tiered rotation, like a spiral staircase where each step is its own unique living area which apart from simply looking cool, means that with each step further you're able to see out into the dunes from a totally fresh angle. [See more]

Mountain View House

Kitzbuehel, Austria
Boasting over 3,500 square feet of living space, this three-story slopeside spot may be several times bigger than any cabin you've ever known, but its minimal footprint and rural charm keep it in good company with its more compact buddies. The shape of the gabled roof is designed to match the peaks of the surrounding hilltops, which you can admire from several huge windows dotting the modern and maze-like interior. [See more]

North Pamet Ridge House

Truro, Massachusetts
While it roughly resembles a traditional A-frame cottage from the side, this modern masterpiece on Cape Cod is anything but. The two-story spread is decked out with exposed wood features and walls of windows, and boasts a unique "upside down" floor plan where the bedrooms occupy the first floor and the communal spaces are all on the second. [See more]

Weekend Nature Cabin

Trosa, Sweden
This 1,000-square-foot vacation home was originally designed to be a year-round retreat, however the architects wisely outfitted it so that different zones flourish depending on the season. For instance, the middle section is heated and insulated to suit the cold Scandinavian winters, but the living area nearly doubles once it's warm enough to step out into the veranda and hallway, which are covered with nothing but glass and slatted wood. [See more]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has been meaning to see Cabin In The Woods for like three years.

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