Meet The Naked House

Perched high above the jungle on the mountainous island of Ko Samui (Thailand's second largest, behind Phuket), The Naked House is the open-air getaway belonging to professional photographer-cum-architect Marc Gerritsen. He spends quite a bit of time bouncing around major East Asian cities for work, so he designed this modern masterpiece as a respite from the hustle and bustle. And it will make you drool with envy.

The original plan was for just three floors, though as things moved forward in the construction process he decided on a few special additions including a steam room, sprawling master bedroom, maid's quarters, and open-air bathroom, which transformed it into a five-story beast.

Evoking an airy feel isn't merely the goal — it's the reality. Some of the home's longest walls, including those facing out toward the water and wild, slide open entirely. A huge plus on gorgeous days and a big ol' pain when realize you left them all wide open during a downpour while in town picking up groceries.

The fourth level is the largest floor of them all, home to the living room, dining area, kitchen, deck, and pool.

It's no doubt one of the most terrifying surreal infinity pools you'll ever encounter.

Rather than splurge on opulent materials, he intentionally kept things simple — like this polished concrete floor — so nothing would compete with the natural beauty surrounding the property. Smart move.

And in keeping with the minimalist effort, he spared the kitchen of any overhead cupboards or a tall refrigerator. Instead, most of the fixins' are kept in a pantry nearby.

Quite possibly the greatest nap spot in the Eastern Hemisphere, this swinging bed is in its own small nook of a room beneath the pool and deck area, providing peace and quiet along with an epic view to nod off to.

Keep moving downstairs and you'll find the two guest bedrooms, which occupy the second floor. Each features its own spacious bathroom and whirlpool-sized tub overlooking the jungle and coastline below — sunset soak, anyone?

Reason #2056 hanging here is like a reset button for your brain.

As the top floor, the master bedroom lords above everything. It even gets its own open-air bathroom suite, which is essentially a covered patio with a commode and the like.

Just watch your step for lizards, curious monkeys, et al when nature calls in the middle of the night.


Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He just added Koh Samui to his bucket list.