These Hotel Suites Are Glass Pods Strapped To Mountain Cliffs

If you're hiking through Peru, you're already probably certified extreme on the "How extreme is my vacation?" scale. So why not kick things up a notch by spending a night in a transparent capsule perched on the side of a cliff? The Skylodge Adventure Suites of Cuzco, Peru let you do just that. You know, casual adventure vacation stuff.   

Once the journey is over, guests have full access to the capsule, which is 24 feet long and eight feet in height and width, and made of totally transparent aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. But don't worry—there are curtains, in case you and your hiking partner need some privacy from all of the birds up that high with you. 

These are suites after all, so each capsule is outfitted with quality mattresses, solar-powered reading lights, and a dry ecological toilet and sink.

All jokes aside, all of the work that would go into staying in one of these seems worth it for the 300-degree view of the Sacred Valley. If you're looking for adventure, head here to book a night, starting at $290.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He wants to book a night, but he knows his hiking partner would not be about this. At all. 

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