IKEA's New Cushions Are Literally Taking A Page From Their Catalogues

Every year, IKEA puts out a ridiculously thick catalogue to showcase all its perfectly named Swedish furniture and home-wares -- last year's edition weighed in at around 300 pages, lending some heft to coffee tables (and eventually, waste receptacles) everywhere.

But IKEA is a modern company, so it's got the environment in mind. What better way to make sure the huge catalogues are recycled than gathering them up, shredding them down, and using them in a functional product? The new KÜSS cushion does just that.

On September 12th this year, Belgian IKEA stores will be collecting copies of last year's catalogue from customers. The old pages will be shredded and used as the filling for the new KÜSS cushion, which was specially designed by the renowned Charles Kaisin with a pattern based on the cellulose molecule, which is the "natural raw material of paper pulp."

There's no word of a US release for the KÜSS, but more importantly, no word if the pillows will come with a risk of paper cuts. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's glad IKEA hasn't decided to repurpose its old batteries like this too.

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