The $500 Mattress You Can Fit in a NYC Taxi

Face it, everything about buying a new mattress sucks. You have to deal with shady salespeople in depressing showrooms testing out beds by laying around in front of strangers. And that's before the reveal of the criminally long 8-hour delivery window once you've paid for the damn thing. But Casper's on a mission to change it all for good.

Available in six sizes, their 10-inch mattresses were designed by IDEO and Muji veterans. Featuring a three-inch sleep surface on top that blends a proprietary memory foam and latex foam, it has the same feel of a TempurPedic with the breathability that keeps it from becoming a heat trap when you're, say, doing something that's not sleeping on it.

And rather than force you to wait around like a lapdog for a delivery, it arrives in 1-5 days vacuum-packed in an easy-to tote box that fits in the back of a standard taxi. Or, if you live in NYC, you'll get it within hours via Uber or cargo bike. And once you've opened it you have 40 days to test it out and return it (for free) for a full refund. Sleepy's, you've been put on notice.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and a hardcore nap junkie.