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Published On 04/15/2015 Published On 04/15/2015
New SodaStream Mix Cocktail Maker - Carbonating Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Alcohol

Regardless of all the fun we've had with the SodaStream in the past, we can say—with total confidence—that the new SodaStream MIX blows the O.G. sodamaker out of the water with flying colors.


While the website itself is pretty limited to one ever-looping video of a cocktail getting bubbled to the sweet, smooth sounds of stock music, we can easily surmise that the MIX will change the cocktail game by giving users an easy-to-follow cocktail recipe that then gets automatically bubbled and fizzled to perfection.

All via touchscreen! Lookin' good, future. 


This thing is shrouded in mystery—no price tag, no release date, just the promise of a sparkling Bloody Mary at eight in the evening. YES, PEOPLE CAN DRINK TOMATO JUICE AT NIGHT TOO, GUYS. Guys?



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