New York City In The 1970s

If 1990s-era New York was a decade that finally demanded change, 1970s New York was the decade that truly warranted it. Riots, blackouts, murder, rats. Rats everywhere! The city was riddled with problems and it would take than more than twenty years before it would shed its negative stigma. This is NYC in the seventies: scars, guns, porno, and Bill Murray. Just the way a city should be. 

Up until the early 1990s, Times Square was known for its seedy movie theaters, sex shops, and go-go bars. 

Two ladies wait in the corner and likely see something weird happening.

Oh look! It's discount David Bowie. 

Bill Murray and his impressive stomach alongside original Not Ready For Primetime Player, Jane Curtin. 

These tough guys have no problem looking tough. 

Notice the perfect circle of hair. 

Drunk in love

"I'm just doing my job, ma'am."

An orange Impala parked somewhere in Brooklyn.

Arnold Belkin mural in Hell's Kitchen playground.

West 42nd street in Times Square.

Battery Tunnel in Brooklyn. 

An old car is buried in the sand at Breezy Point Beach, Queens.

It's pretty hard not to notice this guy's scars. 

An old man looks outside his window in a Hell's Kitchen apartment. 

Based on our knowledge of '70s movies, these guys just got finished fighting a similarly-dressed rollerblading disco gang. 

A kid performing tricks on the street. 

Friends who walk together stay—oh wait, he got arrested. 

The 1977 cast of Saturday Night Live eagerly chow down some late-night grub. 

The late, great, always awesome John Belushi hangs out with NYC's finest. 

This guy's cutoffs game = on point. 

Wow, this was still illegal — even back then. 

Robert De Niro during the filming of Taxi Driver

They may look like harmless elderly women — but each one of these old ladies has a gun in their purse. 

Explanation: This photo needs one. 

Jeremy Glass loves New York City through and through, but would've been eaten alive during the seventies. 

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