The Ultimate Nintendo Coffee Table

Whether you've graduated to more modern video consoles or just can't get enough of NBA Jam on SNES, these wooden Nintendo controller coffee tables by Bohemian Workbench are a beautiful homage to the forefather of honing your hand-eye coordination from the couch.

Right now they're making a range of glass-topped options dedicated to the square NES controllers, either in full color or naturally wood-stained to jive with your decor — but considering you've already decided to bring in a table shaped like a giant video game controller, let's assume that's not an issue.

They plan to roll out a version shaped like the rounded Super Nintendo (the above photo's just a scale model), and offer a couple pricier models that have been wired to function as giant Wii controllers. Who knows, maybe once your kids are grown they'll even be making giant Oculus Rift versions.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and Mario Kart ninja.