This Glowing Garage Makes One Hell Of A Lakehouse

A far cry from the dingy post-WWII boathouse it once was, the Garage has been renovated beyond recognition into a gorgeous, glowing lakehouse you might assume traveled back from a couple hundred years in the future. Who needs a sprawling waterfront pad when your modest digs look extraterrestrial?

Perched on the the waterline of Puget Sound, the team behind the project went to great lengths to preserve the memory of the structure that preceded it, going so far as to carefully dismantle its frame and repurpose it into removable floorboards for the new pad. They're used to conceal beds and lounge pillows during the day, and some can be propped up into reclining seats to look out on the water.

There's hardly a solid wall in the entire place. Instead, dramatically lit giant retractable glass doors and a slatted roof give the sense that you're always outside. Protip: don't ever watch Evil Dead here.

To keep you comfortable there's a century-old wood-burning stove for heating the room or preparing meals...

...a sliding speakeasy cabinet for properly liquoring up your guests...

...and even an outdoor shower to keep said guests from mutinying before the weekend's over.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor and will take a shower whenever he damn well pleases.