This Mansion Is Built Into A Cliff, Is Fit For Batman

We'd all love to spend the summer in a seaside estate. How about one that's cliffside, too? OPA built one of the most hands down stunning houses we've ever seen into a cliffside overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece and named it appropriately: Casa Brutale. This residence is brutally and breathtakingly beautiful. 

Although the structure looks complicated, it's made from simple materials: wood, glass, and concrete. Where things get tricky? The roof is a clear glass-bottomed pool, and you need an elevator (or 50 stairs) to get inside. And the whole structure being built into the side of a cliff thing certainly lends it an air of grandeur. 

Best of all, this modern luxury gives you absolutely stunning views of the Aegean without ever leaving the house. You can keep your beach house—we'll stay on the cliff. 

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