Owen & Fred gear is high-quality and high-class

Owen & Fred was born of a desire for high-quality, affordable, American-made goods for men, which its founders couldn't track down anywhere. Based in Brooklyn, the company hits that hat trick in a big way, churning out bold ‘Merican gear you’ll be hard-pressed to beat.

Many of their pieces display a catchy, witty slogan that'll shore up your confidence and help you crack a smile. Like the shaving kit bags, which call you handsome just like mom does, but without the unwarranted cheek pinching. There’s a perfectly sized laundry bag and even a soap dish made out of concrete. You know, to compliment your hard water.

Classy gents will appreciate reclaimed wood-handled razors that take every speck of dullness out of the daily face-scrape ritual, and our favorite piece is the canvas valet tray that reminds us to take life by the ever-loving horns and run with it. So be sure to grab this gear quickly — it moves fast.