Inside America's Highest Penthouse

New York lays claim to a lot of one-of-a-kind spectacles, from Times Square and the High Line, to better bagels and mysterious subway gunk. Now, it can add "highest residential building in the Western Hemisphere" to the list upon the completion of 432 Park Avenue, an 89-story skyscraper on the southeast side of Central Park. 

Of course, the tallest apartment building this side of Dubai wouldn't be such without also boasting the highest penthouse. The unit, priced at a paltry $95 million dollars, was just unveiled via a series of jaw-dropping renderings. Below, some of those renderings. Enjoy. 

Each of the tower's 104 residences (the "cheapest" start at $7 million) enjoys views from 10 foot-by-10 foot windows. You may want to reconsider if you struggle with vertigo.

Even on the bleakest of winter days, waking to greet another work day from this vantage point wouldn't be bad. Something tells us you'd quickly become a morning person.

Especially when you know your morning cup of coffee starts right here.

You'd be making a huge mistake not to make your own meals on the regular, as cooking would hardly be a chore when this state-of-the-art kitchen is your workshop.

Seriously, the island countertop alone is the size of a Manhattan studio apartment.

Now this is a dining room table.

Get ready for friends to start begging you to have dinner parties. All the time. You'll be able to serve them well, too, should you opt to buy one of the on-site $300,000+ climate-controlled wine cellars.

Though if you're feeling lazy, you could always treat them to a meal in the building's luxurious restaurant downstairs.

Fancy a shower?

Not a fan of baths? You'll learn to love them. Especially once you realize the bathroom floor is heated.

Imagine what Christmas morning would be like in here.

Clear out the furniture and you also have one hell of a party space.

Now's the time to call in any favors you're owed from Russian oligarch pals.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His apartment kind-of-sort-of looks like this one, in the sense that it, too, is an apartment.

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