Inside Brooklyn's Refreshingly Unpretentious Concrete + Water

There's no denying that parts of Brooklyn have become commercialized, crowded, and Manhattan-ized over the last few years. But there are still the rare, energizing, and independent havens that crop up every so often. The latest example takes the form of a standout lifestyle boutique and occasional party venue on Driggs street. Meet Concrete + Water.

A stone's throw from the Bedford L subway stop (the first stop coming from Manhattan), the shop's stocked with a meticulously curated selection of men and women's gear from a hotbed of harder-to-find, trendy-but-not-too-trendy labels. We stopped in a few weeks ago to get a behind-the-scenes tour from the owners, and it took all our discipline not to whip out the wallet and buy everything in sight.

Owners JD Gluckstern & Hannah Dilworth (above) swapped their respective careers in music and fashion to realize their shared dream of opening up a store. After extensive renovations that involved converting what was once a bustling flower shop, the newly minted spread is 2,000 square feet of wide-open retail space, flooded with light from floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights throughout.

It's a breath of fresh air from the drab retro-rustic aesthetic now synonymous with a large portion of Brooklyn's hideaways. Colors and light? Amen.

Gluckstern's personal fashion taste played a huge part in choosing what menswear brands made their way to the racks. Finger through and you'll find on-trend gear from Soulland, Velour by Nostalgi, Shades of Grey, Rogue Territory, Universal Works, LA Panoplie, Hentsch Man, and NYC's own Timo Weiland, just to name a few. Eat your heart out, Urban Outfitters.

Their accessories game is on point, too. If you think you've graduated from wearing a backpack, the leather Sandqvists will surely convince you otherwise. 

As for footwear, they've got you covered with handsome boots and a selection of casual kicks from upstart Portuguese brand Common Cut, whose incredible shearling-lined low-tops are only available in the states at Concrete + Water.

What better way to show how much you appreciate yourself than with a pair of fur-lined sneaks?

In the market for irreverent flasks, Larry David t-shirts, or a ceramic ashtray emblazoned with Rick Ross's mug? Look no further.

Out back you've got your pick of home goods, including some definitively eye-catching area rugs. 

And a bounty of grooming products, including top-notch beard oils from Prospector Co. You may also consider steeping your home in the subtle scent of campfire, which you can successfully mimic with one of their campfire-scented Good Candles.

While the gear inside is more than enough to get you through the doors, they plan to take full advantage of the 600 square foot outdoor patio to woo you in as well. As the weather (eventually) warms, they'll use the expansive space to host special events, bands, DJs, dance parties, and possibly even comedy shows. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's considering commissioning a line of Rick Ross-themed fine dinnerware.