Check Out Filson's Wild And Sexy New NYC Digs

Since launching as a small supplier for prospectors passing through Seattle on their way to the Klondike Gold Rush, Filson's spent the last 117 years building their reputation as one of America's most respected outdoor outfitters, making outstanding rugged gear for discerning hunters, anglers, miners, engineers, and anyone who gets their hands dirty as a way of life. And yet it took until May 2014 for them to open a store on the East Coast. We stopped in to get a look at their handsome new New York City outpost.

The new shop is located in the NoHo neighborhood, directly next door to an iconic Beaux Arts firehouse — which is apt, considering the brand's legacy serving the rugged working man.

The 1,800 square-foot space is meticulously curated with their signature gear: luggage, leather accessories, apparel and outerwear, featuring decor that brings to mind an old school explorer's clubhouse in the bush.

While it may be their only eastern outpost, it's the only one of their six locations currently stocking their new line of kickass camera bags — developed in collaboration with Magnum Photos.

As a Washington-based brand, their aesthetic is deeply rooted in the Pacific Midwest, but they were able to weave in some local touches like this wall, which was made with reclaimed wood from the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They didn't stray too far, though; behind the register hangs an old American flag with just 42 stars, a nod to the year Washington was granted Statehood (1889).

If you aren't already angling to skip town for the country this weekend, a quick swing through will undoubtedly get you thinking about it.

And really, any store that encourages its shoppers to brush up on their shuffleboard skills is a store that's doing everything right.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's beyond terrible at shuffleboard.