Inside "Collab," The Production Pros for Social Media Stars

There's an elusive formula to achieving fame via YouTube or Vine. It takes a variable combination of talent, humor, authenticity, and a certain x-factor to get that pesky view count to blow through the roof. Turning it into a viable career, however, is another story. That's where the Collab Creators come in.

The LA-based startup is a soup-to-nuts agency for the newly-minted web video celebrity set, helping this devilishly creative bunch cultivate the sharpest, most hip content possible while also advising the business side.

Collab recently hired our buddies at Homepolish—the interior design gurus behind a stable of kickassofficespaces (and homes)—to "rebrand" their digs into something unique; they were generous enough to give us a sneak peek.

The brothers James, Tyler, and Will McFadden launched Collab in 2012 after having spent years creating web content of their own. They're the brains behind the YouTube channel GoPotato, which has churned out a number of hilarious hit original videos (including Eli's Dirty Jokes, a series that became the first Internet show to ever be picked up by HBO), and collectively amassed 70+ million views. Suffice to say, they know the game pretty well.

They tapped the highly-regarded Homepolish designer Kristen Montero to work some magic and achieve something personal that represented company culture. Says Montero, "The space was designed to be unique and tailored to the young, cool company but professional enough for investors and playful enough for their comedian clients."

Think your office is nice? CC's headquarters is a 3,000-square, foot sun-drenched loft in downtown Los Angeles. No surprise that it also functions as a resource center for the West Coast-based partners.

Including a professional studio space and equipped with all the fixins: a green screen, teleprompter, plus professional lighting rigs...

...and a makeup and dressing room. Being HD camera-ready takes work, people.

Both Kristen and the brothers' Southern California roots helped inform the space. As she says, "We wanted to create an element that honored California coolness." Mission accomplished.

But to ensure the vibe is never too cold and airy, several touchdown spaces sit away from the desks, working in concert with details such as custom wall murals, hand crafted wood palette constructions, and milk crate storage solutions. This keeps things cozy.

And like every good startup, quality break time is encouraged. Exhibit A: this lounge, complete with ping pong table and a fully equipped gaming station.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and could use a little more California coolness in his day-to-day.