A Look Inside Sailthru's Funky New York Headquarters

Ever wonder how it is that websites (even the one you’re reading right now...) seem to recommend stories you might like, and even send you emails at the time you’re most likely to read them? Well, it’s not some magical, sentient technology. They often employ the services of Sailthru, a New York-based startup that harnesses the power of data to help websites serve up the most custom experiences for their users. 

We peeked inside their inviting New York City headquarters, which were recently decked out by our pals at Homepolish, who offer up budget-friendly, top-notch interior design services around the country for clients looking to spruce up both residential and commercial spaces.

With a growing staff of over 100 employees, the company needed to outfit their 16,000-square foot Soho digs in a way that would both maintain the startup energy while accommodating the type of spaces that promote productivity. That included balancing traditional desk setups with a handful of breakout areas that could serve as comfortable, impromptu meeting spots.

Designer Danielle Arps cultivated touchdown spots in a way that makes them cozier and cushier than many New York apartments; the Chesterfield-style leather sofas make burning that midnight oil at work slightly more enjoyable. 

And what better way to power through a late-night project than by rewarding yourself with a cocktail from the stocked bar? 

Nothing works out the kinks of sitting for hours on end like a short pull-up sesh. It’s also a handy way to punish co-workers on the losing end of office bets. Also, surly interns.

Of course, traditional, more private conference rooms are necessary on occasion. This open area transforms into one at a moment's notice, thanks to a roll-down glass garage door. 

The others are scattered throughout, and named after different New York City neighborhoods. Here, TriBeca and the East Village. 

The open office culture is conducive to maintaining the inherent fast-paced energy of a startup, though the buzz and bustle can easily become too much when you need to buckle down without distraction. These high-backed, acoustic-cushioned pods offer a bit of peace and quiet without feeling too isolated. Apologies for making your cubicle so jealous.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He can do, like, one pull-up. Maybe.