This Spanish Beach House Belongs In Outer Space

Architecturally speaking, naming your project The House of the Infinite is setting the bar pretty high. Yet Spain’s Campo Baeza Studio pulled off such a feat with fantastic results, if these stunning photos of the finished project are any indication. Let’s peek inside.

The sprawling spread, finished earlier this year, is located on a picturesque area of beach on the Atlantic in Cadiz, Spain. It’s partly situated inside a dune, creating the illusion that it’s the foundation for a boardwalk or jetty.

Built of Roman Travertine, the whole structure gives a solidly surreal vibe, not unlike a set you’d find on a Terry Gilliam film. One of the most stunning and illusory elements is the roof, which was designed to appear as though it extends all the way across the ocean to the horizon when you’re standing on it.

Without any barriers up top, the prevailing winds whip freely across, so air drying shouldn’t take too long after a quick dip in the pool. One downside? Sand blasting on bare skin.

The main living space occupies the floor immediately beneath the roof and is made up of a few airy, open rooms that look as though they were literally carved from stone. Thanks to floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that span the length of the home’s ocean-facing facade, looking out at the beach gives the effect that you’re lounging in a luxurious, cave-like lair. 

It also boasts some more traditional beachfront abode features, including a long wooden deck area right behind the beach, so you can measure the house envy in every passersby. 

According to the architect, it’s been described by some as an authentic “temenos,” a word that’s used in mythology to describe a special, standalone location where Gods and humans come together. And while that’s a dubious claim, no doubt waking up in this place every morning would make you feel like a god.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Living inside a Terry Gilliam film is actually his worst nightmare.

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