Here’s What It’s Like To Go To Work At NYC’s TripleLift

Meet the TripleLift folks. The buzzworthy digital advertising startup is helping both advertisers and publishers present sexy ads to consumers.  Their brand-spankin’-new offices in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood were recently made over by our pals at Homepolish (you know, the network of uber-talented interior designers), and they were gracious enough to let us peek behind the curtain.

Helming the project was designer Tina Apostolou who was tasked with decorating a whitewashed loft drenched in sunlight—something, not surprisingly, that TripleLift President and CTO Shaun Zacharia wanted to embrace. 

And rather than divide the space up into different rooms, the intent was to keep things open, thus encouraging an office culture of hanging out—something they’ve said is crucial to the company’s organic development of ideas. Apostolou differentiated spaces using modern furniture at work stations, raw materials in the kitchen, and a dark wall color in the reception area.

Like a digital advertising trophy room, she integrated a blackboard wall to showcase some of their high-profile clients surrounded in chalk art drawn by one of TL’s employees.

And of course, nothing oozes digital startup vibes in 2014 like inspirational hashtags, which are stenciled onto walls in nooks around the office.

Want your employees spitballing fresh ideas together somewhere less stuffy than a conference room? Free snacks and candy in the wide open kitchen/lounge area ought to do it.

Or, uh, just provide gratis booze at the designated “meeting bar.”

Occasionally, though, old-school brainstorm sessions and meetings are necessary. Each of the three conference rooms is named after a different Native American tribe, a nod to what they do: native advertising.

They also subtly integrated the brand’s color palette (orange and grey) into the layout with a combination of modern and industrial furnishings. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He is a staunch advocate of meeting bars.