10 Shark-Worthy Home Aquariums

Based on the monstrous ratings Shark Week rakes in every year, it's safe to assume lots of people get a thrill out of watching the silky smooth sea beasts wreak havoc in their natural habitat.

Then, there are those select few crazies whose love extends so far beyond that they would gladly invite a finned friend or two to live in their home. For the latter set, we've pulled together an eclectic selection of epic home aquariums worthy of such pets.

1. Here's to hoping that fireplace chimney is engineered such that a roaring fire doesn't slowly blanche all your pets.

2. It's like it's going to be sucked up into the ceiling. 

3. Here you can conduct your own groundbreaking studies in how a particular species responds to sloppy renditions of "chopsticks."

4. Corner pocket, far side of table. Blacktip Reef Shark top left corner of glass. 

5. Nothing lulls you to sleep quite like a Hammerhead staring you down from the foot of the bed.

6. This is the sitting room. This is where we sit and look at sharks. 

7. Serving courses of ostentatious seafood at dinner parties here would seem cruel and unusual. No?

8. This room comes surround-sound, surround-shark capable. 

9. One wrong move during Marco Polo and you're screwed.

10. And this way you can cement your bond by showing them that you, too, know what it's like to be on display in a tank full of water.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He refused to swim in the ocean a good year after seeing Jaws for the first time.

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