18 Creepy Abandoned Houses From Around The World

You're too old to beg for candy at strangers' houses, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate Halloween like a civilized adult. To get you in the spooky spirit, below is a round up of some of the most ominous abandoned houses in the world.

Who needs a dream home when there are so many nightmarish ones already out there?

1. Chateau Notenboom, Eikelenberg

Originally the home of a German couple who fled during WWII, the current state of this Victorian mansion is encroaching on Lemony Snicket territory.

2. Poland

This neglected baroque mansion looks straight out of Hostel. Though with some serious elbow grease, it could probably be spruced up into something rather remarkable. Still haunted, though.

3. Durham-Sud, Quebec

Question: Is this 100-year-old decrepit apartment building haunted? Answer: CREEEEAAAAAAAAK (yes).

4. East Cleveland, Ohio

This is a house kids skip every year trick or treating. For good reason.

5. Dayton, Ohio

The stop sign in front of this place is frankly just cruel.

6. St. Joseph, Missouri

Full disclosure: this one's probably not actually abandoned, but c'mon, it might as well have been trucked off a Hollywood horror movie backlot onto the suburban streets of the Midwest.

7. South Bend, Indiana


8. Saint Peter

This used to be a rum distillery. These days, though [insert smooth spirit joke].

9. Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Any dilapidated house that requires a boat to access is on this list, no brainer.

10. North Brother Island, New York

Once the site of a hospital and quarantine wards, both North and South Brother Islands—situated in the East River between The Bronx and Rikers Island—are empty, save for a bunch of winged residents, as it now serves as a rare bird sanctuary.

11. Missouri

Missouri Chainsaw Massacre, is that you? Also, the only state to make the list twice.

12. Black Forest

See #9

13. Clarenceville, Quebec

Of course there are bats flying over this place. Those are birds, you say? Oh, well doesn't matter really because this place is freaking terrifying under any circumstance.

14. Istanbul

Stay away. Star far, far away.

15. Florida

Surprisingly not a sneak peek behind the scenes from this season of American Horror Story, this place is a lofted dollhouse-esque spread in the swamps of Florida. Also scary? Florida.

16. Iceland

This is Bjork's house. Just kidding, it's a horrifying farmhouse still standing somewhere on the barren terrain of the island country.

17. Howick, Quebec

Pretty sure no (living) person has called this place home since the year it was built, 1908. Also, Quebec: what gives?

18. Holland Island, Maryland

See #8, #11, and those huge freakin' birds.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Please don't scare him, he's sensitive.