12 Incredibly Awesome Houseboats

Despite what you learned from the Billy Dee Williams vehicle, The Ladies Man, houseboat life isn't all that sexy. It can, however, be pretty stylish. Especially if you can get your hands on one that looks anything like the 12 below.

1. The Rotunda

Round and round and round you go on the high seas. Not terribly high seas, though. This thing doesn't look too sturdy.

2. The Midcentury Beach House

This two bedroom Dutch pad is actually for rent on Airbnb, if you're looking to test things out. 

3. The Condo

Pull this thing out of the water and put it on the street of any gentrifying neighborhood and it may very well pass for the sort of new condo building that would replace a charming old brownstone.

4. The Thatched Cabin

This is definitely a rogue piece of some Polynesian-themed Disney water ride that finally broke free of its Magic Kingdom chains. 

5. The Dubai Special

It may not be a manmade chain of islands in the shape of the continents, but hey, this is certainly the type of houseboat you'd expect to find in Dubai, where it's docked.

6. The Motel

Retro motel? Enormous sideways Tetris block? Either way, not a bad spread. Not bad at all.

7. The Private Island

This behemoth is more conceptual roving island than houseboat. The mini continent's sized to accommodate a whole bunch shops, restaurants, and swimming pools. [More...]

8. The Gallery

The second story to this one features some seriously lofted ceilings and enormous windows. Ideal for getting a panoramic view of the surroundings, and giving your surroundings quite the view of you, too.

9. The Tropical Hideaway

The second level to this drifting beach cabana is like it's own tropical ecosystem. BYO mosquito nets.

10. The Futuristic Lodge

Fashioned from a series of curved beams and large glass panels, this setup is docked in Oregon. Its design was intended to mimic the contours and and ripples of a river. Intention: achieved.

11. The Modern Steamboat

If Mark Twain were around today and shared a taste for modern design, he'd be lounging around in an aquatic abode just like this and telling you hilarious but kinda sad jokes.

12. The Sauna

A little nippy out there? Not to worry, inside you have a sauna ready to bring you back to life. [More...]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's never even been on a cruise, but would seriously consider calling one of these boats home.