This Is What Star Wars Would Be Like In Real Life

Like most eight year olds in the 1980s, photographer Thomas Dagg's young and fertile imagination was never the same after watching Star Wars. This has led to a lifelong obsession with the iconic space opera. Today he may be a grown man with a flourishing career in photography, but that hasn't stopped him from creating this surreal black and white series in which he imagines what it would look like if the world of Star Wars, complete with Yoda and all, collided with ours. 

Look through, you must.

Annual air shows will never be the same.

Don't look up.

You'd never fall behind on your marathon training with Yoda literally on your back.

You already share the park with a ton of other people, so what's one AT-AT Walker?

Here's one more reason to walk instead of take the bus. 

Even Boba Fett isn't immune to the selfie plague.

Reason #503 to finally get around to putting curtains up in your apartment window.

Hey lil' buddy!

Millenium Falcon chasers, out in full force.

The crowd goes wild as America's pastime swaps wooden bats for lightsabers. 

Always check your rearview.

Tauntaun snow day! 

One man's trash is another man's...well, it's actually literally another man.

Seriously, the air shows will blow your mind.

So, whadya say? Could be fun! Or terrifying. Or both?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd adopt an Ewok in a heartbeat.