This Outrageous Alien-Like Desert Mansion Is For Sale

The desert is harsh and unforgiving, certainly no place to plot your dream home. Unless you're artist Bev Doolittle and her husband, who decided to buy up 10 acres of dry rocky terrain right outside California's Joshua Tree National Park and build one of the most breathtakingly unique pieces of residential architecture we've ever seen.

And now that the couple is downsizing, the whole spread could be yours for a cool $3 million.

The home, originally conceived in the mid-1980s, took roughly seven years from initial design to its completion in 1993. The Doolittles insisted on teaming up with the perfect architect to create their vision: a home that would fit in seamlessly with its rough, martian-like surroundings.

They landed on Ken Kellogg, whose unique work in Japan and Hawaii evoked the vibe and aesthetic they were looking for. They let him go wild with ideas, and by the look of things, that's exactly what he did.

The 4,643-square foot concrete, steel, glass, and copper behemoth is literally built into a cliff, considering its foundation was literally jackhammered into the granite bedrock. It's in California after all, where it pays to be prepared for shaky ground.

Depending on where you're standing, the exterior could pass for everything from enormous arthropod to bewildering spacecraft.  

Closer up, things get even more interesting.

The gentle curves that interplay with the natural light give the effect that you're actually living inside a giant rock formation. 

In fact, without any lights you'd have one hell of a time even figuring out where it is. 

Thankfully, the comically curved driveway is well lit to guide you.

Not to be outdone by the exterior, the interior takes things to even crazier heights. Bountiful natural skylights blend with rock archways and incredible interior design touches from designer John Vugrin, creating an aesthetic equivalent to the Flintstones redecorating with the Jetsons' furniture.

It's strange for sure, but it works.

There's something incredibly surreal about kicking back on your leather couch watching a flatscreen TV mounted to a giant boulder. It's the quintessential blend of nature and laziness.

The master bedroom's tiered skylights give the effect that you're sleeping in the open air under the night sky, offering killer views of the stars and moon.

And until it's safe for humans to colonize Mars, peeking out to the backyard is the next best thing.

H/T: The Verge

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would be totally down to live here, if it weren't for his crippling fear of scorpions.