The Pizza Hut Projector Box Is The Greatest Invention Since...Pizza

Published On 06/08/2015 Published On 06/08/2015
Pizza Hut Blockbuster Projector Box - Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong

I think pizza goes with everything. Soda, guac, napalm, whatever. But one pairing every American and foreigner alike can agree on is the vital combination of pizza and a movie. Enter the Blockbuster Box: an innovative—albeit unfortunately named—way to eat pizza and watch movies in one delicious swoop.


The DIY projector is the brainchild of legendary dinner/advertising duo, Pizza Hut + Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong and operates by utilizing a perforated, pop-out hole in the side of specialty boxes.

The pizza table (you know, that mysterious little white plastic thing the middle of a pizza) doubles as a makeshift lens and fits into the hole in the box. 


After you're done consuming that burning hot pizza, you put your phone within the box, access the Blockbuster app, and witness the miracle of watching stuff from the very same vessel that once previously housed your dinner. The future is here and it's delicious. 


Pretty incredible to think that technology has taken us this far. The only obstacle is making sure you don't get grease on anything. 


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