Play Ping Pong Anywhere With This Portable Table

Published On 03/04/2015 Published On 03/04/2015
Portable ping [ong

It's hard to know when the urge to ping and/or pong might strike, but odds are it won't always be when you're near a proper game table. However, you'll never have that issue if you're packing one of these flat-packed portable setups. Swing, Forrest, Swing!


Collapsed, the handle-equipped cardboard rig measures roughly 3x1.5 feet, and unfolds in just a few minutes to a full 5x3-foot mini-court, complete with a stand, "net", and even a built-in scoreboard. No tools are required, and there's no need to scrounge up a set of paddles or balls either; they're in there, too.


The designers are also quick to point out that unlike traditional tables, which are super loud, you can have wild and crazy game without pissing off the neighbors, since the cardboard effectively muffles the smacks and bounces.

As far as grunting's concerned, that's all on you.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His gametime face unfortunately doesn't look as intense as this guy's.



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