The Perfect Outdoor Bed For Summer Napping

In between day jobs, family commitments, and social obligations, a solid half-hour nap can feel like the greatest luxury. To help you properly enjoy this greatest of warm weather indulgences is the PORTOFINO Daybed, designed by Valencia, Spain-based Santiago Sevillano in collaboration with outdoor furniture company Roberti Rattan. 

Influenced by Mediterranean aesthetic, the bed is constructed with a blend of woven, fabric, and metal parts. A compartment below lets you store all your under-the-sun needs while auxiliary tables can hold your multitude of cocktails. The PORTOFINO Daybed is optimized for patio or terrace use, or, for the ambitious urbanite, rooftop placement. 

It's available with or without a canopy here

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and Saturday afternoon naps are her favorite summer activity. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.