These Prank Candles Go From Delightful To Spiteful

As someone who personally likes to f*ck with his close, personal friends and family on a daily basis—even I haven't messed with olfactory trickery. Stink bombs, fake gas, and the like are so...juvenile.

But, for the mature prankster who just wants to mess with some nasal passages, there are WTF Candles, and like many things in life, it starts off very pleasantly, before turning to complete sh*t (in this case, literally). 

With transforming scents like Apple Pie to Dirty Fart, Baby Power to Baby Diaper, and Coffee to Stank Breath, the ways to trick folks into sniffing things they frankly don't want to be sniffing is myriad.

WTF estimates their candles burn "good smells" for 40 percent of the time, and stanky for the other 60 percent. Which is about right, because I only like 60 percent of people, 40 percent of the time. Wait, what?