Prefab Houses Designed By A Famous Architect

A prefabricated or modular house is often a popular, affordable option for many aspiring homeowners with a plot of land and a tight budget. But due to production and transportation constraints, it can also mean settling for some fairly pedestrian architecture. That’s something the high profile architect David Rockwell is hoping to change with his forthcoming line of luxury prefab homes. 

Perhaps best known for designing theaters, hotels, and restaurants which include Las Vegas’s Cosmopolitan hotel, LA’s Dolby Theater, JFK International Airport’s JetBlue terminal, and New York City’s Shinola retail store, Rockwell’s expanding his focus to shippable, prefab residential digs, starting with the Pinwheel House that debuted last week.

A 2,400-square foot pad in a new modular housing venture helmed by the guy behind Viking Range appliances, this first is far from the cookie cutter, urban sprawl-begat cul-de-sac variety—but can be transported and constructed just as easily.

For starters, the two (or three)-bedroom spread features a 500-foot interior courtyard prominently showcasing the outdoors as part of the footprint, and can be tailored to blend in with existing surroundings thanks to an exterior “screen” made from various materials. What’s more, the kitchen features a ten-foot marble island and professional grade appliances.

And while there’s no word yet on exact pricing, Rockwell told Co. Design that the whole point is to be offering “a luxury design at a less than luxury price.” Either way, you’re still getting a house designed by one of the most sought-after interior architects in the world.

H/T: Co. Design

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. Giant trucks carrying houses on the highway make him anxious.