Just a private floating island. No big deal.

You heard it here first, Russian oligarchs: superyachts are over. The new status symbol will soon be the giant floating island, as long as Project Utopia gets off the ground... and into the water.

From the crazy engineers at Yacht Island Design, the concept is an 11-story, 325-foot wide behemoth of architectural wonder with the volume equivalent to that of a modern-day cruise liner. Plenty big to accommodate your very own micronation.

Inside, there's enough room to pack in just about anything you might dream up — restaurants, arcades, bowling alleys, a casino, megapools with their own casinos — and plenty of space outdoors to take in the beauty around you, including an observation deck 200 feet above the surface with 360-degree panoramas. But should you get bored with whatever blissful crystal blue cove you're hanging in at a given moment, just fire up the thrusters beneath the legs and you can relocate... slowly.