Live Under The Stars In A Transparent Glass Pod

There's something sagacious to be learned from the whole "people in glass houses" adage. And it's this: living in one most definitely kicks ass. That is, if these all-glass, tiny homes in rural New Zealand are anything what it's like.

The aptly named PurePod is constructed almost entirely of glass, allowing you to stare through the walls, through the ceiling, and even through the floor. You'll be a part of the elements, but not the horrible parts like rain, bugs, bears, and freezing cold mountain wind.

Each one is set up to comfortably accommodate two guests, appointed with a bed, tiny kitchen, dining area, small glass deck, and a bathroom that's all glass and completely visible to whoever or whatever is lurking in the forest.

Right now the pods are only available in New Zealand, and can be booked for roughly $400 a night, but you can also volunteer to set up your own PurePod site somewhere that isn't half a world away. If you're in it for the vista, though, you really can't beat the land of the kiwi.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, he occasionally throws stones, but never inside a glass house.