The Warby Parker of Toothbrushes

If oral hygiene isn't at the top of your list of daily concerns, you're doing something wrong. Managing your collection of bathroom paraphernalia can be a pain, but Quip offers a convenient solution to constantly having to replenish your supply of brushes and paste. A highly-efficient electric toothbrush/toothpaste set that cleans with robotic accuracy, think of it as a subscription box for your mouth that won't rot your teeth.

Quip's vibrating bristles pulse every 30 seconds, and a two-minute timer lets you know when your teeth have been appropriately scoured and polished. With a premium plastic base, suction mount, light design, and a brushed metal travel cover, it's miles away from that bloated electric toothbrush you currently have. 

The crème de la crème of Quip is the effortless replacement service they provide—every three months you'll get new brush heads and toothpaste. Plus, once you sign up, you get an electric toothbrush handle whenever you want for the rest of your life

This is about as far away from the dingy dollar convenience store toothbrush as you can get.